With IT, quality, optimization and speed equal profit.

We are the U.S. furniture industry’s leading frame design, manufacturing and supply partner.

With plants throughout the Southeast, Industrial Timber works with top furniture manufacturers to supply the best designed, most efficient frames available, helping them improve quality while making a positive impact on their bottom line. If you’re spending too much time and money running an internal mill and frame operation and it’s taking you away from other critical areas such as design, upholstery and marketing, IT can help.

Engineering a better frame for less is the core of what we do.

Here's how we do it.

More Efficient

IT process is focused on finding efficiencies wherever possible. As a company we are built to do more, better, with less.

Less Cost

We focus on cost reduction through smarter designs, a better way to use materials, higher quality materials, and sourcing through our global relationships. Typically customers realize 10-30% cost reductions.

Higher Quality

Our engineers can take each frame into our Solidworks software and find improvement opportunities. We also use higher quality materials that are easier to assemble and build a stronger frame than the original.


We use small, agile teams and rapid R&D methods, much like “scrums” in software development, to innovate quickly. Our frames are designed for efficient production, too, boosting productivity.

Smaller Footprint

Part of our efficiency is our facility and workflow design, which has been refined again and again to be compact, reducing costly floorspace and increasing team speed.

Less Overhead

After IT deploys inside a plant: we can achieve a reduction in overhead “soft costs,” sometimes by 50%, through smaller framing teams, less facility space, smarter materials acquisition and handling and more.

Proudly crafting more than 100,000 frames each week.

We're saving our customers 10-30% on their frame costs...which can be 30% of total costs!

IT has strategically invested in a system of mill facilities that complement and support each other in the name of efficiency. This includes innovative Mini Mills, compact frame operations are either near or inside our customers’ facilities and deliver frames on a just-in-time basis, greatly reducing freight and storage expenses. This is just one example of how we drive savings to your bottom line, while adding to your brand’s value by introducing multiple new quality gates to your operation. It's what makes IT "The Smart Play.” 

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