The smart numbers.

This industry is filled with thousands of small frame shops filling orders on the fly without thinking about the bigger business picture of sustainable margin, incremental revenue and the value of process improvement. But we think about it. When we realized frames and framing operations were a significant amount of the cost of a piece of furniture, we also realized we had the power to leverage our expertise and skill set to greatly impact a manufacturer’s bottom line. And the nice part is, the bigger that manufacturer, the bigger our impact.

Real results.


Framing can account 10-12% of a manufacturer’s operating costs


IT saves customers between 10-30% on the cost of their frames


Frames can account for as much as 30% of a piece of furniture’s material costs

Drivers of value.

After IT deploys inside a plant, we can achieve a reduction in overhead “soft costs,” sometimes by 50%, through smaller framing teams, less facility space, smarter materials acquisition and handling and more. This is in addition to savings in materials and labor associated with the frame. Here’s a deeper look at IT’s true value.

Global connections and leverage.

We are wood experts. Our understanding of how to source hardwoods both domestically and internationally is a key part of our customer value proposition. In fact, even though we’re not lumber brokers, manufacturers are increasingly offering to purchase wholesale from us due to our buying power and quality of the wood we are able to source.

Using tech, talent and creativity to evolve your frames.

Our Research & Development team has helped get our plywood and OSB panel yield to an astounding 98+% by using special software to optimize digital “nests” before CNC routing. R&D comes alive through design, fabrication and testing at our Innovation Center.

Leading the industry in efficiency.

With smarter process and technology, IT can achieve industry leading yields. We combine different customers and industries to maximize yield.

Mission-critical delivery.

Better materials yield is not the only result of IT’s focus on efficiency. We are also a mission-critical logistics provider of wood components for our customers. We’ve done this through a number of innovative process improvements that have transformed a historically inefficient process into a streamlined machine.

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IT is at the forefront of an effort to strengthen and preserve the greatness of American furniture by bringing it into the 21st Century through smart processes, great design and powerful technology. If you’re ambitious, we want to hear from you.

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