IT has spent decades focused exclusively on frames and the frame manufacturing process. During that time we have learned from experience, introduced the newest technology and worked side-by-side with hundreds of upholstered furniture manufacturers. All this has brought us to where we are today, as the singular expert in our field. We are purpose-built for large manufacturers who are ready to significantly improve margins by scaling efficiency and quality through better materials and smarter design.

We innovate everywhere we can.

Specialized Materials

We have pushed innovation everywhere, including materials that improve fabrication speed and frame strength. We partnered with OSB leader Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, for example, to build a better panel. LP, with our insights, innovated a hi-density 3/4-inch panel that can be used at stress points traditionally handled with more expensive plywood. Better quality at a lower cost is always on our mind.

Efficient Footprint

Our efficiency is due, in part, to our facility and workflow design, which has been refined again and again to be compact, reducing costly floorspace and increasing team speed. We can build a Mini Mill, on your premises and adjacent to your upholstery operation, to deliver inventory on a just-in-time basis while saving you freight and overhead expenses.


We’ve established a highly effective just-in-time inventory system to ensure all components for a frame are in their pre-determined space and ready for use. This proprietary system, utilizing two IT innovations, also provides an easy visual check for fabricators to ensure parts are in-stock and ready for assembly.


We realized long ago that some frame designs are more complex and time consuming than others. Using our SolidWorks CAD system, we engineer with production in mind to avoid putting a difficult frame design into production. This also benefits frame quality and often with less materials. We use our Innovation Center as an R&D lab to test new designs, materials and fabrication concepts.

R&D has propelled IT to its leadership position.

Industrial Timber has truly changed the upholstered frame business in the U.S. by utilizing technology and engineering to design frames that are not only superior in quality, but more cost effective and easier to assemble at the same time. Our R&D department has been trained to design “hybrid” frames which utilize a variety of globally sourced raw materials, such as lumber, plywood and OSB, based on exactly where the upholster will be applying fabric and where the stress points are on the frame.

For example, customized wood panels that are “design related” or for aesthetic purposes are cut out of Plywood or OSB with automated routers while load bearing parts/stress points are typically reinforced with stronger hardwood lumber that is more difficult to produce but a much less expensive raw material. By taking this approach IT’s R&D department keeps a close eye on minimizing the amount of wood used in each frame which translates to a lower price to the customer and higher margins for IT.

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